Dragon Ball Super: Where Can the Franchise Go After Broly?

Serving as the latest canonical installment in the long-running Dragon Ballfranchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly thrilled fans with its trademark hard-hitting action sequences and took the franchise's beloved characters boldly forward. It accomplished this all while officially introducing fan-favorite character Broly into the mythos after numerous non-canonical appearances. However, following the animated film's critical and commercial success worldwide, where exactly does the popular anime and manga franchise go next?

Something important to note about Dragon Ball Super, including Broly, is that the series technically takes place within the larger confines of Dragon Ball Z's timeline. The previous anime series saw a decade time jump into the future following the climactic battle with Majin Buu for the fate of the universe, ending with Goku and his friends meeting Buu's good-hearted reincarnation, Uub, at the World Martial Arts Tournament before Goku departs with his new ward to train him.

Super closed the gap somewhat, with Vegeta and Bulma's daughter Bulla being born, as well as Gohan and Videl's daughter Pan, but is still years away from reaching the start of Z's epilogue, as evidenced by the still pint-sized Goten and Trunks.

A follow-up to Broly could ostensibly take place within that final stretch of years leading to Uub's appearance. Over the course of Super, Goku is aware of Uub's existence on the other side of the world before deciding to hold off on a first meeting.

A follow-up could also move into largely uncharted territory beyond the World Martial Arts Tournament. This period was explored after another 10-year jump at the start of the anime series Dragon Ball GT. However, as this previous series lacked the involvement of original Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and was met with mixed reception by fans of the previous series, the events of GT are largely seen as non-canonical, especially in the face of contradictory story elements introduced in Super.

In terms of actual plot threads that could be followed up on that were introduced during the Super era, there are plenty of directions for the franchise to go next. The final story arc of Super saw the debut of several powerful fighters from across the Dragon Ball Multiverse. Goku and the Z Fighters biggest rivals during the tournament included the formidable Jiren from Universe 11, barely defeated by the combined efforts of Goku, Frieza and Android 17.